Steve’s Interview On “The Road Taken” Includes His Famous Chuck Berry Story!!


Host Vicki Abelson writes:


“Recorded some weeks ago, I held on to this gem, not knowing why… until Saturday, when Chuck Berry passed. Old pal, Steve Conte, who’s got one of the greatest rock voices of all time (he was Paul Simon’s vocal stand-in for years) has played with just about everyone throughout his career, has a classic Berry story, which he shares here. Time has come today. Steve’s first road gig, was touring with Blood Sweat & Tears in the mid-80s, right around the time I began booking him on Bleecker Street in NY. From there Steve played with J. Geils Band frontman Peter Wolf, the beforementioned Chuck Berry, toured with Billy Squier, Willy Deville, Eric Burdon, was a member of reformed New York Dolls and has shared the stage with an innumerable number of his heroes from Sam Moore, to Springsteen. Steve’s been writing for, recording and touring with former Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe for the past six years, supporting Guns & Roses, The Foo Fighters and Motorhead. Steve’s solo debut, The Steve Conte NYC Album, included a tune, OK DJ, which earned him the #2 Coolest Song of the Year, behind Bruce Springsteen, on Little Steven’s Underground Garage… members of the Foo Fighters, Alice Cooper, Mott The Hoople, The Wallflowers, , Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, to name a few, joined Steve on the album. But, it’s Steve’s own “covers” album, International Cover-Up. currently enjoying much airplay on Little Steven’s Underground Garage and the opening track, “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight” which was voted #5 Coolest Song Of The Year, behind The Monkees and Ian Hunter, which signals what will no doubt be the solo recognition he’s long deserved. It’s thrilling to see this day come for one of my all-time favorite rockers. It’s been a lotta years. So fun to sit down and catch up.”


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This is a tough one folks…and it’s hitting me really hard. My 1st guitar hero, the architect & founding father of rock ‘n’ roll guitar playing, songwriting & singing is gone. Stay tuned here for more reflections on Chuck but for now I’ll just say that I’m so glad that my brother John & I got to play an entire show with him – all those amazing songs. He even gave me a few solos, but more on this later. Rest In Peace Chuck…my musical dad… grand-dad…inspiration… savior… influence… teacher… hero.


Rock & Roll Geek Show: Steve Conte Interview and International Cover Up Track By Track Commentary

“On this episode I speak to the great Steve Conte and we do a track by track commentary of his latest album, International Cover Up.”
— Michael Butler



AWESOME NEWS: My record was awarded the title of the #5 COOLEST SONG IN THE WORLD for 2016 !!

Thank you for playing it Little Steven’s Underground Garage, Little Steven, Stevie Van Zandt, Michael Des Barres, Richard Manitoba (+ all the other DJs) AND to all of you wonderful music lovers for voting for me. It’s an honor to be included w/ all these great artists!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! What a fantastic way to start out the new year…


Hear The New “International Cover-Up” Album On Youtube!

Steven Van Zandt Names Another Steve Conte Track “The Coolest Song In The World” – His Cover Of A Fleetwood Mac Song From The New Album, “International Cover-Up”



Big News: Little Steven Van Zandt has proclaimed the opening track from Steve Conte’s new album **International Cover-Up** the “Coolest Song In The World” this week on Little Steven’s Underground Garage!!


Have a listen to “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight”


Featuring; Steve Conte (guitar/lead vocals) Jeroen Polderman (drums/backing vocals), Jozz Verheijen (bass/backing vocals) and made possible by Wilco Minderhoud (engineer/mix/master/horns) & Jasper van Dorp(engineer/mix/master/keys) for helping to make this possible!


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