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The Rockaway Times newspaper on “Gimme Gimme Rockaway”


A nice article from The Rockaway Times newspaper about how I came to write my latest single, “Gimme Gimme Rockaway”.


One thing that the article does not mention is that I told the interviewer about how when the Ramones wrote their homage to Rockaway Beach, that they were actually trying to spoof The Beach Boys, who sang about beautiful California beaches – knowing full well what a dump Rockaway beach was AT THAT TIME in the mid/late 1970s. But it’s beautiful now…and like Manhattan, I’m sure that means it has lost some of it’s character & sleaze in order to become a more family-friendly tourist destination 🙂


(PS – I have moved out of Manhattan after 30 years to Da Boogie Down Bronx…and I’m lovin’ it!)


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Vote for your favorite version of “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight”….


It’s between Steve Conte, The Bishops & Telegraph. The choice is clear! Please go to:



“Gimme Gimme Rockaway”: The Video!




The video – filmed on Rockaway Beach and in a fantasy party nightclub – features a killer line up of talent;
bassist Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper), backing vocalists Tish & Snooky (Sic Fucks), drummer Rob Youngberg, glittery Go-Go by Laura Ward & her Octavia Cup Dancers and art direction / wardrobe by Cindy Smith Dunaway (Alice Cooper), beach wardrobe by Kevin Christiana. Directed by / Cinematography by Peter Perenyi, Edited by Orion Perenyi.



The limited edition PINK VINYL single, “Gimme Gimme Rockaway” b/w “Mercedes Benz” was Voted #2 “Coolest Song In The World” by listeners of Little Steven’s Underground Garage Radio.

Find out how to get the record here:

Joining Steve on the “A” side, “Gimme Gimme Rockaway” are Blondie drummer Clem Burke, The Smiths’ bassist Andy Rourke and D Generation front-man Jesse Malin on backing vocals. Listen here:

The “B” side is Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz”, a song that has been a staple in Steve’s live shows for the past 15 years. It also features a co-lead vocal by Jesse Malin. Listen here:

And The #2 Coolest Song Of The Year on Little Steven’s Underground Garage Radio is…

“Gimme Gimme Rockaway” !!

Steve’s latest single on Wicked Cool Records was just named #2 COOLEST SONG OF THE YEAR by the listeners of Underground Garage Radio!! What an honor!! Many thanks to the voters & listeners of The Underground Garage, Little Steven Van Zandt & all the the other great artists involved!

Also – a HUGE thanks to Clem Burke & Andy Rourke who played on the song, Geoff Sanoff who recorded & mixed it and Renegade Nation’s Dennis Mortensen who helped get this record made!


And more thanks to the crew of the song’s upcoming video; Peter & Orion Perenyi, for their creative expertise behind the camera and Tish Bellomo, Eileen Snooky Bellomo, Dennis Dunaway, Cindy Smith Dunaway, Laura Ward & her Octavia Cup Dancers for adding their artistry and Josh Govier & the extras gang for believing in the song and being part of the fabulous video…coming soon!

New Single “Gimme Gimme Rockaway” Is Underground Garage’s “Coolest Song Of The Week” – Vote Now To Make It The “Coolest Song Of The Year”!!

VOTE NOW To Make “Gimme Gimme Rockaway” The Coolest Song Of The Year on Little Steven’s Underground Garage Radio!

It happened again – Little Steven’s Underground Garage Radio has crowned Steve Conte’s new single, “Gimme Gimme Rockaway” the “Coolest Song In The World” this week!! (It’s Steve’s 3rd Coolest Song as a solo artist…) If you’ve been listening to the station you’ve surely heard it by now!

And now it’s time once again for all of you listeners with impeccable taste to VOTE!!

“The 2017 Coolest Song of the Year 11th Annual Listener’s Poll” is where YOU get to be involved and vote for your own personal favorite “Coolest Song of the Year”.

Voting goes live TODAY – November 24th (Black Friday) and ends on Saturday, December 23rd. You may vote for your favorite “Coolest Song” once every 24 hours!


Underground Garage has posted all 50 eligible songs (all of the “Coolest Songs in the World” from 2017) on an Underground Garage Listener’s Poll webpage, here:

(“Gimme Gimme Rockaway” by Steve Conte has been nominated since it was chosen to be The Coolest Song In The World for Show 816 – November 20th, 2017. You can listen to the show here:

Last year Steve’s Coolest Song – “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight” – was voted #5 of the year and back in 2014 my “OK DJ” was voted #2…but this year you can help get him to the #1 SPOT!!

In addition to the voting, fans can also enter the The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana contest. First place prize will receive: round-trip airfare for 2, a 4-night, all-inclusive stay and $500 resort credit at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana!

Remember, fans may vote for their favorite “Coolest Song” once every 24 hours, and may enter the Hard Rock Punta Cana contest as many times as they want. The “Coolest Song of 2017” winner will be announced on January 1st, during Kid Leo’s “Coolest Songs of 2017 Revisited Annual Year End Review” show on Sirius XM-21 where Kid Leo will play all 50 “Coolest Songs” of 2016.