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Steve’s Songwriting Workshop, May 15, 2021!

Thursday, May 13th, 2021

How did Steve write “Ballad Of The Lower East Side” for Michael Monroe, his own record, “Gimme Gimme Rockaway” & the music on “Gotta Get Away From Tommy” for New York Dolls?  And what has he learned from working with great songwriters like Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers Todd Rundgren & Paul Simon as […]

The Music of Bebop ft. Steve Conte (Podcast)

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

APRIL 9TH, 2021 | 01:12:38 | E6 Cowboy Bebop combines jazz, blues, country, rock, even heavy metal. who better to discuss this genre-bending soundtrack than Steve Conte, vocalist from some of the anime’s most famous jams? He honored us with an interview, and even after this awesome episode, we STILL aren’t sure if we’re done […]

New Steve Conte Music On Bandcamp Friday!

Friday, March 5th, 2021

Yes, folks – it’s Bandcamp Friday once again and that means new music from Steve Conte! (Also from The Conte Brothers and their band Company Of Wolves!)  Ever think you’d get to hear Steve Conte play jazz guitar? On a Bebop jazz tune – that he wrote? Well, it’s happening… Steve has released his “Temporary Insanity” to […]

Steve Featured In Holiday Movie w/ Sopranos Cast Members + More…

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

Happy Holidays everyone! So… I’m singing/playing guitar &  “acting” in this movie (I’m playing a musician, big stretch, i know) w/ Vincent “Big Pussy” Pastore & Maureen Van Zandt (The Sopranos), Eddie Brigati (The Rascals), Ricky Byrd (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts) Zou Zou  Mansour (Soraia), Dina Regine, Christian Keiber, Kerry McGann & many others! […]

Steve Conte Songwriting Workshop + Q & A Session – Oct 17, 2020!

Friday, October 16th, 2020

TOMORROW!! October 17, 2020 Last minute special – 10% off admission! Use the code SHM10OFF when purchasing your ticket.  **** Let’s talk songwriting; song form, chords, melodies, hooks, arrangement, lyrics & more! We’ll study some classics – plus – I’ll break down songs from my solo bands, New York Dolls, Michael Monroe & Company Of Wolves. And […]

Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth – Now on!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020   ************************************************************** Sonically, The Crazy Truth lies somewhere between garage rock and punky blues with hints of Latin-soul in a dark, smoky lounge. Stooges & Stones meet Morphine & Tom Waits. Classic roots with modern twists. Steve Conte brings the power, soul and raunch; a guitar hero on the edge of falling apart […]